Tottori Shan-Shan Matsuri Festival

The Tottori Shan-Shan Matsuri Festival in August is the largest such summer fête in Tottori Prefecture. Its central event is the ‘Shan-Shan Kasaodori Dance’, with ‘shan-shan gasa’ rice-paper umbrellas. Its movements are arranged so that anyone can easily take part in the ancient ‘Inaba no kasaodori’ umbrella dance handed down from ancient times in the eastern part of the prefecture. Each year more than 4,000 dancers wave these in unison, making this a truly memorable sight. In 2014 the event celebrated its 50th anniversary, and went into the Guinness Book of World Records as history’s largest umbrella dance.
The ‘Furusato Matsuri Tokyo’ featurs Shan-Shan dancing to songs like the ‘Kinanse Bushi’, the ‘Heisei Tottori Ondo’ sung by Saburo Kitajima, and a pop number well-known to younger people, ‘Shan Shan Shan Gurira’.
Stand by for excitement.