Okinawa Zento Eisa Matsuri

Coming on the last weekend of the lunar calendar O-Bon festival in August, the Zento Eisa Matsuri sees Okinawa City come alive with the rhythms of ‘bachi’ picks slapping on ‘sanshin’ shamisen, singing, and all manner of drums in the ‘eisa’ folk dance of Okinawa. ‘Eisa’ is the Okinawa version of the ‘bon-odori’ on the mainland, with each area having its own variant. The young traditionally dance through the streets as the lunar-calendar O-Bon festival comes to an end.
While there are many versions, youth groups now tend to focus on the ‘taiko eisa’ combination of large and smaller drums, with celebrations centered on downtown Okinawa City. In recent years new versions have been introduced, with pop music and other influences, along with different costumes and drum combinations.
Stand by for some truly demonic energy.