“Kiryu Yagibushi Festival” is held on the first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in August every year. It is made up of two elements, the traditional “Kiryu Gion Festival” and “Yagibushi” traditional folk entertainment, and is a major event attended by more than 500,000 tourists every year. During the Kiryu Gion Festival, participants carry portable shrines in an energetic parade through the streets as part of the mikoshi togyo Shinto ritual, and the sight of this Japanese tradition is sure to take your breath away and leave a lasting impression. Wooden stages called “Yagura” are set up in various areas of the city during the festival period, and these are used for a variety of different passionate and exciting dance performances. You can watch or even join in the dancing. If you experience this festival for yourself, you’ll definitely fall in love with Yagibushi. The festival also features a variety of other events such as “Dance Yagibushi,” an original dance performance, and “Jumbo Parade,” a parade featuring a variety of different costumes. Please experience the intense atmosphere of Yagibushi for yourself.