Iwami Kagura

The Iwami Kagura is a traditional dance from Iwami, in the western part of Tottori Prefecture, with a history said to date back more than five centuries. Handed down over those years by Shinto priests to their acolytes, it is now performed by more than 130 dance groups in the Iwami area. Highly entertaining, its dazzling costumes and stately progression take spectators back into a world of myth.  
There are more than 30 different programs drawn from mythical and historical sources, the best-known of which is the ‘Orochi’, a giant eight-headed serpent slain by the deity Susanoo-no-mikoto. In the dance, to the pounding rhythms of the ‘hayashi’ instruments, Susanoo-no-mikoto takes on a serpent 17 meters long. 
Prepare to enjoy the battle.