Aomori Nebuta Festival

The Aomori Nebuta Festival, one of the Three Great Festivals of the northeast ‘Tohoku’ region, takes place between August 2nd and 7th in the city of Aomori.
 Its origins are unclear, but it is thought to have evolved from the ‘Tanabata’ festival custom of floating paper lanterns. Records from the 1700s tell of people in the Aburakawa-machi area carrying lanterns and dancing, so it has been a familiar festival for many years. It took on its present vast scale following World War II.
   The ‘nebuta’ are huge festival float lanterns whose themes include kabuki theater, historical events, and Japanese mythology.
 The floats form a trinity with the irresistible rhythm of the ‘hayashi’ musicians and the wild movements of the ‘haneto’ dancers.
 In 1980, the event was designated as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property, and draws close to three million visitors to Aomori every summer. Here you will experience the excitement and passion of one of Japan’s greatest festivals.