Furusato Juujuu Sub Fair!

Furusato Juujuu Sub Fair!

A special project for the 10th anniversary of the Furusato Matsuri Tokyo! Newly created sandwiches by popular bakeries and original sandwiches full of local flavor. Try the hottest “juujuu” subs only here!

Famous Tadami Seasoned Mutton Kebab Café

Seasoned Mutton Sandwich

This original sandwich features delicious and healthy seasoned mutton, the soul food of Tadami, topped with spicy-hot local Tadami “red devil” sauce.

Blizzard of 38 Sandwich

Tadami is one of Japan’s leading areas of heavy snowfall, with a record of 4m falling in the blizzard of Showa 38 (1963). This sandwich recreates the historically tremendous snowfall of the “Blizzard of 38,” with red bean paste and mandarin oranges nearly smothered under an avalanche of whipped cream, all sandwiched on a white bread roll.

Produced by Meat Master Shintaro Tanabe CROSSROAD BAKERY and Nikuyama

Philly Cheese Red Steak Sandwich

A voluminous American-style sandwich made with “Nikuyama” hanging tender meat and plenty of cheese. The secret ingredient is yangnyeomjang seasoning. This is a sub sandwich for meat lovers, and the spiciness can be added on top.

Beef Hanging Tender Steak Salsa Sandwich

This original sandwich was designed by a Western-trained chef especially for the Furusato Matsuri Tokyo. This sub sandwich was made with a foremost awareness of pairing the meat with a mild Mexican sauce featuring a tomato sauce base, jalapenos, and cilantro.

Pain de Singe

Strawberry and White Chocolate French Toast Tower

This sandwich is a tapered tower of French toast, white chocolate, and pale pink berry cream! This cute French toast tower is topped with fresh strawberries.

Just Like Tiramisu French Toast Tower

This sandwich is a tapered tower of French toast, made with homemade mascarpone cheese cream and fragrant with bittersweet coffee. This French toast tower has a grown-up taste, just like tiramisu.

Fukuoka oeuf Egg sandwich

Only at Tokyo Dome! Pork Fillet Cutlet Sandwich with Tartar Sauce from an Egg Sandwich Shop

This superb pork fillet cutlet sandwich is made only for the Furusato Matsuri Tokyo, brought to you by a popular egg sandwich specialty shop. There are only a limited number of these “tartar cutlet sandwiches,” made with tartar sauce. Get yours as soon as possible!”

Egg & Egg Sandwich

This egg & egg sandwich is filled with egg, featuring thick rolled omelet and egg filling. Try this surprisingly rare type of egg sandwich, irresistible for egg lovers!

Local Gourmet Sandwiches Produced by the Japan Gourmet Entertainment Company

Local Mackerel Sandwich

A recreation of Turkish balik ekmek, loved by world travelers, using Japanese mackerel. This sandwich is made with fillet of fresh, fatty domestic mackerel, seasoned with salt and slowly grilled. Try this collaborative Furusato sandwich that is a delicious addiction for tourists who visit Turkey.

Okinawa Beef Steak Sandwich

Steak, a local gourmet item of Okinawa. This superb, gorgeous sandwich is made with Okinawan’s beloved “A1 Sauce”.